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Target Integrated Risk Protection Software

In today’s tough economic climate, being faced with diverse and often growing risks; ensuring the security of people, property, assets and reputation is a challenge for any retailer.

Target is an Integrated Risk Management Platform which is data centric, deployed as software onto standard hardware to form a cohesive operational platform that helps orchestrate human and technical resources to provide optimised protection against retail risks and process compliance.


Target is designed to help a retailer understand and manage the many risks that will be happening inside their business. Target integrates with existing systems such as

These systems when integrated into intelligent event driven risk management software can provide data on issues such as


Target can help alert you to issues that can affect shrinkage, also aggregated data based on customer conversion rates to provide valuable business data to support the growth and correct resource management  in your stores.

optimised protection for retail risks.

Why is Target Active Risk Protection Software needed?

Crime costs in retail are increasing each year and now there are so many risks to monitor, having people or systems acting independently of each other is no longer enough.

Those involved in crime are proving that many are educated, calculating, even strategic in their thinking of how best to commit the crime and avoid or defeat as many of the loss prevention ‘obstacles’ as possible.

Target software provides the centralised management system for data and visual triggers based on live or retrospective activity, driven by information from the connected devices and data systems.

Target supports a multitude of CCTV systems, ANPR, Video Analytics, PoS, ATMs and a range of data sources.

Crime costs in retail are increasing each year

How It Works

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The easy to use, multi-tiered system can be tailored from a store security officer right up to your corporate investigations team.

Target software provides the centralised management system for visual and data based triggers, driven by information from the integrated devices and data systems in your organisation.

Target helps to identify known and un-known losses, which is ever more relevant as the retail environment becomes more dynamic and fast-changing.

Target has been built from the ground up with retail risks in mind. Our extensive reporting systems of Target InSight provides everything from an overview dashboard to in-depth reports, presenting high level information to management showing risks, alerts, and top trends across single sites to multi-site operations.

Target has been built from the ground up with retail risks in mind

Reducing Risk

Being involved in Target means we take and maintain a partnership approach, ensuring that not only will Target deliver results for you, from the day it is installed. Ongoing support and assistance to your business is ensuring that Target continues to deliver a benefit by increasing your protection and reducing your risk.

Target is deployed as a Client-Server Windows Desktop software application that is used to control, manage and mitigate risks that a retail business is faced with at store level. Maximising the return on investment may see you adopt a Hub model, a tried and tested approach to centralised risk management.

We don’t expect you to fit into our pre-determined mould of risk management, Target fits aroundo you and follows your model, especially when using existing equipment and resources, maximising your return on investment and delivering more towards your business needs.

Installations, across many continents in many different retailers. Everywhere delivering excellent results, improving protection and reducing risk.

Installations, across many continents for many different retailers.


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