Card - Cloned - CAUGHT !!

Target was proactively monitoring store systems and data and an alert triggered on a declined card being presented at the till. Security monitored the event through Target the persons involved simply walked away from the till leaving the card, so security used the integrated CCTV to follow the persons attempting to use the declined card back to their vehicle. Whist no offences were committed at the time, being suspicious the number plate of the vehicle was entered into Target ANPR Hot List.

A few weeks later Target triggered on the ANPR system, the same vehicle was back and the occupants were monitored through CCTV. The occupants were acting suspiciously around the ATM then left. Security staff visited the ATM and saw what appeared to be a skimming device having been fitted. The Police were notified, and attended quickly and detained persons on-site and recovered a large amount of cash/cloned cards. Evidence case file was created by Target of all the individual events and action including video evidence and handed to Police for further investigation.

Target provided live alerts from PoS and ANPR, linked the PoS declined card and video footage from the first and second incidences, packaged everything and created theĀ evidence case file.